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Klixon ACMP Series


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Klixon® ACMP Series
Single–Phase and Three–Phase Aircraft Motor Protectors

Single– and three–phase protection
Locked rotor protection
Thermal protection
Neutral tap

Klixon motor protection for aircraft prevents hazards beyond the control of the manufacturer — hazards such as sustained overload and excessive temperatures. Since the protecting devices are sensitive to both temperature and current they inherently protect against a variety of abnormal conditions while allowing maximum motor output before shutdown. Motor life is extended by limiting the damaging temperatures to a designed level.

The ACMP is basically a bimetallic thermostat with a built–in heating element which is installed in series with the motor winding. The actuating element is a Klixon snap–acting thermal disc. The built–in heaters simulate winding temperatures caused by increases in current. This protector provides crisp, positive switching when the specified trip current is sustained for a specific duration at room temperature. The device will also actuate when an excessive ambient temperature condition occurs, providing protection against overheat conditions other than overload. Separately, the disc protects against excessive ambient temperature and the heaters protect against excessive current increases (as experienced during locked motor conditions). Together, the heaters and disc protect against any combination of overload and ambient conditions.

For more information, see the page of free drawings available for download.

PERFORMANCE Maximum Current Ratings

Standard ratings are available in approximately 5% current steps at ultimate trip for motors with maximum allowable temperatures of 120°C, 150°C, 175°C, and 200°C.

28 VDC 120 VAC
16 amps
16 amps
50 amps
50 amps
30 amps
30 amps
60 amps
60 amps
120 amps
120 amps

Ratings are for device series. Specific devices may vary.

Inherent protection means that a protector is built into a motor and becomes an integral part of the system. For this reason, Klixon protectors should only be applied by the motor manufacturer after detailed application tests to determine the heating characteristics of the motor under a full range of load and ambient conditions to verify the selected rating will meet the specific application requirements. Consult a sales correspondent at left for test samples.

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