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Klixon® 3NT Thermostats, Automatic Reset, Fixed Temperature

Automatic reset
Small and easy to mount
Dry seal protects in hazardous environments
Fast thermal response
Innovative dry seal design — protects from moisture and dust
Patented, tamper–proof Klixon snap–acting bimetal disc
High temperature — up to +135°C (+275°F)
Choice of O-ring materials available
Reliable 100K life cycle
Produced at ISO 9000 certified manufacturing sites

The 3NT thermostat from Sensata Technologies is a new, custom-built automatic reset thermostat designed to meet your specific application requirements. Its patented, tamper–proof Klixon snap–acting bimetal disc provides reliable, repeatable switch actuation for electrical loads ranging from dry circuits to 10A @ 240Vac.

The unique, dry seal 3NT design protects the switch from environmental hazards such as water, dust, oil, etc. without the use of epoxies or additives, reducing cycle times and environmental concerns.

A choice of o-ring materials is available to assure a lasting seal between a metal cup and protective PBT housing over a wide range of temperatures and chemical exposures. The silicon rubber grommets which seal around each wire lead have been proven by years of automotive use.

The dry seal also allows direct integration of the thermostat into a wire harness, eliminating extra connectors.

Speciality applications

3NT01L-N3322 3NT01L-N4480
Above, the 3NT01L-N3322 (left) and 3NT01L-N4480 (right).

3NT01F-D4395 3NT01F-H3413
Above, the 3NT01F-D4395 (left) and 3NT01F-H3413 (right).

3NT01L-H4095 3NT01L-D4570
Above, the 3NT01L-H4095 (left) and 3NT01L-D4570 (right).
* * *
The 3NT01L-N3322 (above) and 3NT01L-D4570 (below).
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