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Klixon® 20490 Series: Automatic Reset and Manual Reset Thermostats

Double pole, single throw (DPST)
Manual reset/trip–free or automatic reset
Heavy duty capacity: up to 48 amperes per pole
Snap–action resists shock and vibration regardless of mounting position
Tamper–proof: temperatures are factory set to customer position
Molded phenolic case seals out lint, dust and other contamination
Compact: easily mounted where space is limited
High reliability
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Automatic Reset
20490 and 20491 Series

The high capacity automatic series, 20490 and 20491, are available as limit (L) switches which open on temperature rise, and fan (F) switches, which close on temperature rise.

The switch is enclosed within a phenolic housing and stainless steel cup assembly which protects the contacts from contamination. The stainless steel cup also provides a variety of mounting configurations.

The switch mechanism is actuated by the Klixon snap–action bimetal disc, which may be enclosed or exposed. Enclosed disc types should be used in all applications where response to radiant heat is not critical as it provides protection (to the bimetal element and switch assembly) against contamination and damage due to handling. Exposed disc types are used in applications where a faster thermal response to radiant heat is required.

Standardized mounting hole dimensions allow interchangeability with our present 204 and 206 series thermostats.


Electric heat
Clothes dryer
...And other major appliance markets
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Manual Reset
20492 and 20493 Series

The high contact capacity eliminates the need for costly back-up contacters and low capacity manual reset limit controls in electric heat applications. The contacts are enclosed for protection from contamination.

The 20492 and 20493 are designed for trip–free operation. The trip–free construction will not allow the contacts to be closed until the temperature of the disc is lowered to its reset point.


Electric heat
Water heater
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