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Klixon® 1NT Series: Fixed Temperature Thermostats

ISO 9000 Certification
Recognized by 9 worldwide agencies
100% factory inspected for continuity, function and contact resistance
Global sales and technical support
Ambient temperature rating from -40 to +240°C (-40 to +464°F)
PPS base provides: low cost, high temperature capability, clean processing, high impact strength, low static generation
Factory pre–set bimetal disc ensures: safe and reliable operation, tamperproof settings
Life expanding innovations include: solid metal-to-metal terminal construction, current–free spring, one piece transfer mechanism
Switch actions: automatic reset (normally open and normally closed switched logic), manual reset, trip–free manual reset (UL M2 class rating resists consumer tampering), one shot (meets agency requirements for single operation device)

The 1NT thermostat is used in a variety of applications throughout the world. They help ensure the correct and safe function of many appliances and HVAC products.

Sensata Technologies’ reputation is based on the proven quality and reliability of our products. Our cost effective solutions protect the consumer as well as the manufacturers of these products. Decades of experience and the committment to continuous improvement have resulted in the best thermal protection devices available.


Coffee and tea makers
Gas furnaces
Sandwich makers
Fan heaters
Hair setters
Vacuum cleaners
Microwave ovens
...And more!
Rice cookers
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HVAC/R Thermostats

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