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Automotive Circuit Breakers
Mini 100 ® Circuit Breaker Series

Overview Data Sheet (PDF)  

Ratings up to 30 amps with a color tap cover
Protection device to guard against momentary overloads
Bimetallic device is sensitive to both over-current and over- temperature fault conditions)
Secondary Circuit Protection

The MINI 100 Series circuit breaker is designed as a drop-in replacement for mini type fuses for use in critical safety circuits, or where an automatic resetta- ble protection is needed. The MINI 100 is available in ratings up to 30 amps with a color tap cover.

General Envelope Dimensions, mm (inches)
Nominal dimensions provided for reference only.


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Thermal Circuit Breakers

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Trip Curve

Trip Curve Graph

These curves are to be used only as a guide in selecting a protector for a particular application. Final trip times are dependent upon the type
of application and are the responsibility of the application engineer to determine through appropriate testing.

All Sensata Circuit Breakers do not contain any hazardous materials and are 100% in compliance with the Substance of Concern (SoC), ELV and RoHS directives.

General Specifications
Nominal Operating Voltage
DC 14V*, DC 24V
Voltage Drop at Operating current
150 mV max
Nominal Current Rating
5 to 30 amps @ 25°C
Operational Temperature Range 40°C to 85°C (nominal temperature of 25°C)

The World Depends on Sensors and Controls
The World Depends on Sensors and Controls