Klixon 15TC30 Series
Aircraft Circuit Breakers
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Klixon® 15TC30 series
20 to 50 amp, three–phase, non–ambient compensated

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Light weight
Non-ambient compensated
Trip–free design
Current rating: 20 to 50 amps
High performance
Typical use: Aircraft, avionics and electronic systems

The Klixon 15TC30 series circuit breaker was designed to meet the package size and performance requirements of inactive military standard MS90351 in the 20 to 50 amp range. This lightweight, three-phase, high performance, non-ambient temperature compensated circuit breaker is well suited for aircraft, avionics and electrical systems.

Like all Klixon circuit breakers, this 15TC30 series features a trip-free design, which will trip open on an overload, even when manually held closed.
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Aircraft Circuit Breakers
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